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Thunt Htut Oo: A Burmese Man in South Korea

Today I’m very excited to introduce you to a wonderful man, Thunt Htut Ooh. This business professor from Rangoon, Burma came to Seoul, South Korea in 2008 as a simple factory worker, and in the 5 years since coming here he’s received two Master’s degrees, created for himself a profession in education, and started his own international business—all while financially supporting his sister through medical school. He is truly an inspiration, and I hope you enjoy learning not only about his journey of self-growth, but about his views on living abroad in South Korea. Enjoy!

Check out Thunt's (Korean language) blog here:

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Boyoung Kim: A Korean in America

Boyoung and I have a great talk about living abroad in America. In 2009, the South Korean native came to the University of Oklahoma as an international student. We discuss all things Korean and American; food, fashion, and cultural differences. 

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Tori Evans: An American in Egypt and Cambodia, Pt 2

This is part two of my interview explorer, anthropologist, and animal lover, Tori Evans where she describes life in Cambodia, compares her Cambodian experiences to Egypt, and shares what it was like taking traditional Cambodian engagement photos!    

Check out Tori's blogs here:

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Tori Evans: An American in Egypt and Cambodia, Pt1

This is part one of two of my interview with Tori Evans. I met Tori this summer at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue in Cambodia where she has the sweetest job ever working with rescued animals as a tour guide. I am really excited to have the opportunity to share her experiences of being a foreigner with you. In part one of the interview, you will hear about living the foreigner life in Cairo, Egypt. Enjoy!

Check out Tori's blogs here: 

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Nashwin Rammayay: A South African in South Korea

Today you get get meet a great friend, Nashwin Rammayas. The South African native came to Korea on a whim in December 2011. His time as an expat here has been full of interesting and unique experiences. He shares great stories about living abroad; everything from his encounters with Eastern medicine to children being fascinated with his body hair. Enjoy!

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Georgette (Gigi) Estilo: An American in South Korea and England

Gigi Estilo has had the unique experience of being a foreigner in both an Asian country and a Western country. She first moved abroad to Jinbo, South Korea in 2012. After two years abroad, she decided to continue her education and move to London, England! Now she is a graduate student at Brunel Universtiy studying Cross-Cultural Psychology. In this interview, Gigi discussess foods, cultural differences, and the expat life!

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Part Deux! Lucile Koch: A Frenchwoman in South Korea

-Experiencing life in a Korean business

-Navigating (and loving) a cross-cultural relationship

-Life lessons from a near-death experience in Thailand

-Suggestions for Western foreigners in Asia

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Lucile Koch: A Frenchwoman in South Korea

-Traveling Thailand.

-What it's like experiencing trauma in a foreign country.

-Getting to a hospital 5 hours away with minimal pain killers and clothing.


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Imoh and Nomalanga: A Nigerian and South African in South Korea

1. What it's like experiencing Korean cuisine for the first time.

2. How they deal with being stared at for being different.

3. Feeling angered by inappropriate touching from Koreans.

4. Enjoying safety in Korea.

5. Learning the Korean language.


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Kyle Blum: An American in Thailand

1. Kyle talks about adjusting to life in Thailand.

2. What it's like receiving good healthcare in Thailand.

3. Experiencing lively Thailand festivals.

4. The hardships of moving back home.

5. Frustrations with American culture.


Only 13: The True Story of Lon



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Sarah Boger: An American in South Korea

1. Sarah talks about the sandal culture in South Korea.

2. Shares some funny moments of cultural confusion.

3. What it's like being a vegitarian in a very meat-centric country.

4. Attending church in a foreign country.

5. How to cope in a small town, away from home. 


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Betty Sung: A Korean in Australia

1. Betty relives some moments of racism.

2. What it's like being a young partier on the Gold Coast.

3. Being confronted with marijuana and other drugs for the first time.

4. Why she loves the Australian lifestyle and culture.

5. Travel advice she has for other Australian visitors.

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